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North of Rovinj, about a 20 minute car-ride away, one of the most beautiful natural resources of the Istrian peninsula, Lim Bay, is located, also known under the name of the Lim channel of the Lim fiord. Of course, both expressions are incorrect since the geological beginnings are interpreted through the erosive activity of the Pazincica, a rivulet that now is in its largest part a small gulf.
Lim Fiord is part of the 35 km long Lim Valley (Draga), that stretches almost to the center of Istria, to the town of Pazin. The Fiord itself is a little bit longer than 10 km, it is 30 meters deep and its widest part is around 600 meters wide. From both sides very steep mountains rise, in some parts even up tp 100 meters.
The water in the bay is partly brackish, because of its underwater sources of sweet water and it is thus suitable for the growth of plant and animal life and it is also a well-known fish and oyster farm (oysters, mussels, giltheads, sea basses.).
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